Steven Read
Executive Producer & Studio Head (Vancouver), Versatile Media

"Many virtual production techniques rely on powerful, real-time game development engines that have been the cornerstone of video game production for many years. AMPD’s technical expertise across both the video game and visual effects sectors, and this current convergence of the two industries mean that AMPD is the ideal technology partner for virtual production facilities such as the one we are building in Vancouver."


AMPD works with studios to help design and deploy the technology, infrastructure and services  required to operate within the virtual production sector. AMPD can provide the on-premise technology requirements, such as LED walls, for any studio, as well as ongoing data centre-based rendering and other hosted infrastructure.

Virtual production is expected to result in a major shift in the way that movies and TV shows are made because it provides creators with a way to see, engage with, and shoot final VFX imagery at the same time as principal photography. With virtual production, cameras, actors, and locations may be completely synthetic but the result, thanks to many recent technological developments, can still largely follow the ‘rules’ of live-action filmmaking.

The process adds another level of creative control for producers and cinematographers, giving them the confidence that they have achieved their creative vision while increasing production efficiency. In addition to the creative advantages offered, COVID-19 has been seen to be accelerating the shift towards virtual production, offering the opportunity for social distancing and smaller crews, while reducing the size and scope of location shoots, set builds, and crowd scenes for the foreseeable future.

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