AMPD GAME HOSTING blends dedicated core infrastructure with the flexibility to work with any public cloud - including our own high-performance AMPD Cloud Plus - for higher performance and better pricing than other cloud providers. Any company with a multiplayer game at scale should talk to AMPD and let us work with you to propose a fully right-scaled architecture that represents the best combination of price and performance, tailored precisely to the needs of your game and your players.

AMPD Metal

AMPD METAL is AMPD's high-performance dedicated bare metal server product. Our aim is to provide significant performance improvements and cost savings compared with other bare metal providers. We do this by gaining a deep understanding of the requirements of each customer and application and customizing each deployment. We leverage decades of relationships with hardware vendors and colo providers around the world. We offer both CPU-based and GPU-based solutions. AMPD METAL can be used in conjunction with AMPD STORAGE and other components in our product range to create the full high-performance architecture that your application demands.

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AMPD Cloud Plus

AMPD CLOUD PLUS blends the flexibility and elasticity of public cloud deployment with AMPD's approach to high-performance computing. The result is radically simplified and automated cloud infrastructure at exceptionally competitive pricing without any compromise on performance.

  • Entire rack virtualization for virtual management of routers, networks, VLANs, VPNs, firewalls, servers, and software delivery automation as a complete solution, from a consolidated dashboard.
  • Application hosting, big data management, backup and disaster recovery, managed cloud security.
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The Canadian Advantage

AMPD is proud to be headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Our data centres along the Canadian / US border offer numerous technical and business advantages when compared to hosting your data and applications in the United States, while maintaining sub 40ms round trip coverage of the continental USA.

Friendly Political and Business Environment.

  • Favourable global tax treaties and no US tax nexus.
  • Affordable Canadian dollar.
  • Not subject to US Freedom Act.
  • World-leading government incentive programs and tax credits.

Geographic Advantage 

  • Central location between Europe and Asia.
  • Direct peering connections between Canada, Europe & Asia.
  • Time zones aligned with Hollywood and Silicon Valley.