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As more companies adopt artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data collection, analysis and visualization alongside mixed reality technologies, AMPD continues to adapt its high-performance infrastructure solutions to meet the demands of these solutions and the companies driving innovations in next-generation enterprises. AMPD was a founding member of Canada’s Digital Technology Supercluster, alongside companies such as Telus, GE, Boeing, Avcorp, Canfor, DWave, LifeLabs, Teck, Terramera, Urthecast, and Microsoft.

Handol Kim
CEO, Variational AI

“The GPU-based infrastructure that AMPD offers is mission-critical in our race to find therapeutics for COVID-19 and other diseases. Our AI/machine learning demands access to powerful and scalable compute resources such as those offered by AMPD."


The Learning Factory Digital Twin Project is a multi-million dollar project being developed in conjunction with Avcorp, Llama Zoo, UBC, Convergent, and Boeing, with over $2M in support from the Digital Technology Supercluster. The project centres around the development of a Learning Factory at the UBC Innovation Precinct located at the Okanagan Campus in Kelowna, BC. The simulation of traditional factory processes in a virtual environment will create, in essence, a digital twin of a physical production facility.  AMPD is proud to be supplying the compute infrastructure for the project utilizing a combination of high-performance architecture.

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Featured Media

The revolution of movie making from the perspective of AMPD & Versatile Media.

2020-10-09 12:00 AM PDT

AMPD Ventures Inc. CEO, Anthony Brown, is joined by Steven Read, Versatile Media, Executive Producer and Studio Head (Vancouver), to breakdown what virtual production is and why investors should pay attention to the companies responsible for the advancement of film technology.