AMPD METAL is AMPD's high-performance dedicated bare metal server product. Our aim is to provide significant performance improvements and cost savings compared with other bare metal providers. We do this by gaining a deep understanding of the requirements of each customer and application, and customizing each deployment. We leverage decades of relationships with hardware vendors and colo providers around the world. We offer both CPU-based and GPU-based solutions. AMPD METAL can be used in conjunction with AMPD STORAGE and other components in our product range to create the full high-performance architecture that your application demands.

James Hursthouse
Chief Strategy Officer, AMPD Technology

"Having operated online games for my own companies and for other developers and publishers since 2004, I can attest that Metal is the right mix of performance and price. When used in conjunction with other AMPD products and solutions, this is a stellar, bespoke game hosting solution that will delight your players while improving your bottom line. And everyone knows how much I love Metal \m/ !"