AMPD Joins the Intel Cloud Insider Program

Posted on July 9, 2020

Tagged as: Corporate, Technology Partners

By Anthony Brown, AMPD CEO

On July 7, 2020, AMPD formalized its partnership arrangement with Intel to accelerate and enhance our rollout of high-performance server and storage systems. As always, our goal is to develop high-performance compute solutions that meet the throughput, low-latency, and reliability requirements of the latest applications in the digital media and next-gen enterprise verticals.

As an Intel Cloud Insider Partner, AMPD receives a meaningful level of access to Intel technology and engineering that will really help our customers. Intel has provided both hardware and engineering resources to the AMPD lab as we continue to build and test solutions related to our AMPD Virtual Studio platform, including low-latency storage and virtual workstations. I am extremely happy that Intel has recognized and is supporting the work we are doing in these areas.””

AMPD’s offerings using Intel’s powerful Core™ processors include:

AMPD Virtual Studio is comprised of a number of solutions and products designed to create the ‘infrastructure-less studio’. By moving the bulk of your compute off site into the purpose-built secure and enterprise grade AMPD hosting environment, connected by fibre. Server management, security updates, electricity costs, software upgrades, infrastructure monitoring & much more, everything is handled by the cloud vendors enabling us to focus more on our business.

AMPD’s Virtual Workstation solution is customized for each customer deployment. We understand that the needs of each studio vary from one deployment to the next. AMPD will work with you to fully understand your current pipeline and make recommendations on how to transition to a virtual workstation environment that causes as little disruption to workflow as possible, while remaining secure and increasing performance. Dynamic resource allocation contributes to economic viability.

AMPD’s offering using Intel Optane™ Storage

  • AMPD’s low-latency, high-speed storage solutions.

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