AMD & AMPD Bardel Case Study

Posted on August 4, 2022

Tagged as: Technology Partners, Visual Effects, Digital Media, Animation, Case Study

AMPD is pleased to announce the  highly encouraging findings of a case study conducted by AMD highlighting the advantages of the AMPD Remote Render solution, based on compute nodes with 2nd Gen AMD EPYC™ processors, for Bardel Entertainment.

The case study demonstrates that the AMPD hosted solution, powered by 2nd Gen AMD EPYC™ processors, results in reducing render times by as much as half for AMPD customer, the Emmy® award-winning studio Bardel Entertainment Inc. (“Bardel”) while delivering significant cost savings. The performance and reliability of the AMPD Remote Render Solution enabled Bardel to save weeks of rendering time on every project with predictable and dependable completion times.

The Challenges

As Bardel continues to grow and take on larger projects such as The Dragon Prince, they needed to increase the speed and efficiency of their render capacity. With their previous render farm, Legaspi was frustrated that they seemed to always be needing additional quantities of servers to cope with demand and were consistently exceeding their render budget, not only in the cost of compute, but also when it came to having artists waiting for hours for render jobs to be completed. “We were paying artists overtime to sit around because our render farm wasn't able to deliver when they needed it,” says Legaspi.


Bardel investigated several alternative render solutions, but using AMPD’s Remote Render solution, powered by AMD EPYC processors offered the most efficient and flexible way to secure the render capabilities they needed. With AMPD’s long-term knowledge and experience in the digital media industry, the company was able to create an innovative, tailor-made  solution for Bardel.

Case Study Highlights

  • The AMD EPYC processors-powered compute nodes have 1.5 to 2 times the processing power compared with Bardel’s previous render solution. Bardel saves four minutes per scene and can complete hundreds of scenes per day, saving weeks of rendering time.
  • Bardel receives consistent ‘time to results’ every time. For example, artists have an increased level of confidence that all work queued to render overnight will be completed by morning, with no requirement to stay after hours and ‘babysit’ the farm.
  • Independent of the performance increase, Bardel is seeing reduced costs with servers provided and hosted by AMPD compared to the rendering solution they used prior to their upgrade.