Wolfgang Stindl

Director of Sales & Business Development (EMEA)

Being a bit of a sci-fi buff, Wolfgang had always had a deep interest in new technologies. One of his key interests during his studies was the economic impact of new technologies on an existent market ecology. After starting his career in the Banking and Insurance industries, where one of the very first tasks was to convince regional directors of an entire banking conglomerate in Europe that the internet is not just a fad, he finally moved into venture capital management with a heavy focus on the games industry vertical and M&E in general. Taking a keen interest in games production, he moved on to be more involved in this as the executive lead for a portfolio of studios.

At AMPD Technologies, he is now in the lucky position to combine both his love for the creative industries with his somewhat nerdy interest in new technologies and strive to create cutting-edge solutions for AMPD clients.