• About AMPD

AMPD Technologies is a Next-Generation Infrastructure Company

AMPD Technologies' mission is to ‘reinvent' the Internet to properly support low-latency applications in environmentally conscious ways. Current cloud infrastructure doesn’t properly support the intense requirements of the latest multiplayer video games, cutting-edge digital media production, nor the requirements of next-gen enterprises as they push the boundaries of big data analysis and visualization. 

Bespoke approach to each customer's needs

AMPD Technologies' approach is collaborative and not prescriptive. Rather than offering a selection of pre-baked solutions, our team engages with you to understand your current technology and infrastructure, analyze how your infrastructure will scale, and then suggest ways in which it can be optimized from a performance, efficiency, and cost of ownership standpoint. We bring in expertise from our range of partner vendors to construct solutions to match the needs of your studio, your pipeline, your game, or your project.

Two decades of experience

AMPD Technologies has its origins in a company called 'Seven Group', started by Anthony Brown in 2000 as a high-performance computing solutions integrator. Between 2004 and 2011, Seven Group developed a laser-sharp focus on solutions for games and digital media studios, enjoying a great reputation and dominant market share across Canada, North America, and other parts of the world with leading games and digital media companies. In 2011, Seven Group was acquired by Infinite Game Publishing Inc. where the team successfully published and launched AAA online game titles including MechWarrior Online (Piranha). AMPD Technologies was founded in 2015 to combine the strengths of Seven Group and IGP to offer bespoke, next-generation compute and cloud solutions for the studio, the data centre, and hybrid, 'infrastructure-less' environments.

HPC architecture

Using the latest servers, switches, firewalls, and storage arrays, AMPD Technologies overcomes the limitations of commodity cloud architecture. We offer dedicated bare metal solutions, as well as private and public cloud offerings utilizing the same high-performance, sector-targeted architecture and specifications.

edge-based solutions

Our solutions are deployed within urban environments, cutting down latency by reducing the physical distance between users and servers. 5G and edge computing are two inextricably linked technologies: they are both poised to significantly improve the performance of applications and enable huge amounts of data to be processed in real-time. 5G increases speeds by up to ten times that of 4G but that really only makes sense if the underlying computer systems to which 5G connects are also upgraded and closer to those 5G users.


We are committed to developing a greener, more sustainable approach to hosting, making data centres compatible with modern urban environments. In our DC1 proof of concept data centre, systems repurpose heat and potable water for use in the surrounding mixed-use building, turning waste into valuable, re-usable assets.


The team at AMPD Technologies has always been keen to support community and industry initiatives. Chief Strategy Officer, James Hursthouse, was formerly Executive Director of DigiBC - The Interactive and Digital Media Industry Association of BC, where he continues to serve as a board member. AMPD is also a founding sponsor of the Animation and Visual Effects Alliance of BC, an annual sponsor of the Spark Computer Graphics Society, and a proud sponsor of the Telus Whistler Classic, which raises proceeds for hundreds of local charities in the Sea to Sky corridor, among others. AMPD Technologies' headquarters on Great Northern Way are host to the CDM Studios initiative, a collaboration between AMPD and the Centre for Digital Media that incubates and mentors startups that emerge from the Centre of Digital Media's Master in Digital Media program.


AMPD Technologies is proud to be headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Our data centres along the Canadian / US border offer numerous technical and business advantages when compared to hosting your data and applications in the United States, while maintaining sub-40ms round trip coverage of the continental USA.

Friendly Political and Business Environment

  • Favourable global tax treaties and no US tax nexus.
  • Affordable Canadian dollar.
  • Not subject to US Freedom Act.
  • World-leading government incentive programs and tax credits.

Geographic Advantage 

  • Central location between Europe and Asia.
  • Direct peering connections between Canada, Europe & Asia.
  • Time zones aligned with Hollywood and Silicon Valley.

Join our team

AMPD Technologies is always on the lookout for technologically minded, creative and motivated individuals who can contribute to our mission of building the infrastructure for 'the Oasis'. Check out our Careers Page, but also feel free to send us an email with a cover note and your resume even if you don't see a posting for the role that would suit you on that page.

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